Hello! I'm David Sokanantha, a dedicated videographer whose heart beats to the rhythm of love stories. Based in Bali and in the bustling world of wedding cinematography, my passion for this craft is as boundless as the moments I capture. From the tender exchange of vows to the jubilant dance floor celebrations, my lens is a witness to the intricate tapestry of emotions that define a wedding day. I have a deep love for the world of videography and unwavering dedication to my clients, spreading love, joy, and beauty through my films.

Available for: Wedding and Pre-Wedding

Wedding Rate: 
$350 USD — 4 hours, 2 videographers, Teaser, Highlight 2-3 Minutes, 8 minutes wedding film
$500 USD — 6 hours, 2 videographers, Teaser, Highlight 2-3 Minutes,10 minutes wedding film
$950 USD — 8 hours, 3 videographers, Teaser, Highlight 2-3 Minutes, 30 minutes wedding film

Pre-Wedding Rate: 
$150 USD — 2 hours, 1 videographers, one location, Teaser, Highlight 2-3 Minutes
$650 USD — 8 hours, 2 videographers, 2-3 location, Teaser, Highlight 3-5 Minutes, drone

Additional: There may be transportation fees depending on location.
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