Q: How and when will I get my photos after the shoot is done?
A: You will receive your photos directly from the photographer. Typically, this happens within about 1 week, but can be longer depending on the photographer. Please feel free to reach out to Bali Photographer℠ if you need them sooner than that​​​​​​​.

Q: Can I extend the time of my photo shoot "on the spot" on the day of the photoshoot?
A:  It is possible to do so if the photographer's schedule permits, but that is not recommended. It is always best to pre-plan your photo shoot properly ahead of time. If you want to keep going, and your photographer is available to extend, you can pay the additional charge afterwards online to Bali Photographer. Each additional 30 minute increment is $150 USD.

Q: Can you extend the time if I arrive late for the photoshoot?
A: Running a bit behind? No worries! Just shoot your photographer a quick text or email to let them know. Remember, they might have back-to-back sessions, so extending yours might be tricky. Pro Tip: Aim to arrive early. Relax with a drink nearby and avoid that rushed feeling. Traffic can be wildly unpredictable in Bali. Sessions can be extended in 30-minute increments for $150 USD, depending on the photographer's availability.
Late Arrival: If you miss some of your scheduled shoot time, don't worry! You can still capture memories for the remaining time. The number of final photos might be adjusted based on the actual shooting duration. You can extend the session (for $150 USD per 30 minutes) if the photographer is available to do so.​​​​​​​

Q: Can I cancel?
A: We understand unforeseen circumstances may arise. Should you require cancellation of your photography session, please notify us via email, and note:
Cancellation with More Than 15 Days' Notice: For cancellations received at least 15 days prior to your scheduled shoot date, we are happy to provide a 90% refund of your booking fee.
Cancellation Between 7-15 Days of the Shoot: If you cancel between 7-15 days of your shoot date, and after receiving your confirmed booking details, a 50% refund of your booking fee will be provided. We retain the remaining 50% to cover processing and handling costs.
Cancellations Within 7 Days of the Shoot: Regrettably, cancellations received within 7 days of your scheduled shoot date are non-refundable.

Q: Can I change the location after confirmation with the photographer?
A: While we strive to be as accommodating as possible with location requests, prior bookings by our photographers for specific areas may limit flexibility. This is especially true for last-minute changes. We understand the desire for a perfect setting, and we will certainly do our best to find a suitable alternative if your preferred location is unavailable. However, due to scheduling constraints, once a route is confirmed, changes may not always be feasible. Please contact the photographer if it's last minute, or you may also contact Bali Photographer℠ directly, and we will do our best to help with this.

Q: How will I get my photos after the editing work is complete?
A: Photos are sent in very high-quality resolution directly from the photographer. You can then download the photos and save them to your computer or cloud service. Please secure your photos immediately.

Q: Will you provide me with the RAW files after the photo shoot?
A: Each image is carefully edited to have the best possible final representation of the photographer's intended result. Therefore, they will not be able to provide the RAW files as they do not represent the final and polished image you expect them to deliver.

Q: Do I get all the images the photographer takes?
A: You will receive the number of images your packages includes as shows in the photographer's listing page. Furthermore, editing not only means "retouching of the images" but also means that the photographer will go through the entire set of images taken to delete the missed shots, duplicates, and other images that do not meet the final standard of what you should expect.

Q: Can I book a package as a gift for someone else?
A: Sure! Just contact us to arrange full pre-payment so no receipt will be given on the day of the photoshoot to the gift recipient that will arrive to have their photos taken.

FAQ 10
Q: I am a travel agent and would like to book your service for a VIP client. Is that okay?
A: Sure! Just contact us to arrange full pre-payment. The photos can also be sent directly to you if you wish (the travel agent) since you are providing payment. However, the photographic consent form to take photos must be signed by the client on the day of the photo shoot. Therefore, the name (identity) of the client cannot be avoided from disclosure. It is not possible to have photos taken of anyone, regardless of whom they are, without their explicit consent and signature stating so.

FAQ 11
Q: I would like to book you in another location outside of Bali, but within Indonesia. Is that possible?
A: Yes! Please contact Bali Photographer℠ and we will set that up for you!

FAQ 12
Q: Do I have the “rights” to the images?
A: You will receive personal reproduction rights for all your images. This means you can display or distribute the images for personal use only. You can print the images, post them on social media, share them with friends and family and showcase them in your home. However, commercial use is not allowed - nor are you allowed to sell the images for any amount of money (no matter how small) at any time, for any reason, and on any particular platform. The copyright of the images is exclusively held with the photographer and is not shared with the client. The only exception to this is if the client arranges to have the photo shoot shot with exclusive rights to all images captured, typically companies arrange to do this when planning to use the images for commercial marketing in print or digital media (advertising), commercial distribution or for resale of the images. If you are representing a company and wish to book my services with exclusive rights, please contact Bali Photographer℠ to discuss further and obtain pricing details.

FAQ 13
Q: Are there any additional costs not shown on your website?
A: Each photographer has their prices clearly shown in their listing, and all additional charges (usually just for travel to locations outside the city) will be provided upfront at confirmation. There are no surprise charges.

FAQ 14
Q: I would like another person present during my photo shoot. Is that okay?
A: Of course! It is your photo shoot, and if you feel more comfortable having a friend or family member present, that is completely fine!

FAQ 15
Q: Does the photographer provide transportation to and from the photo shoot or during the photo shoot?
A: Photographers do not provide any transportation at all. Should a transfer of locations during the photo shoot be part of the plan, you are responsible for the transportation for the photographer and the people in your party.

FAQ 16
Q: I took the photos to a photo printing company to have them printed for mounting, but they said they could only be printed with written consent from the photographer. Can you write out and sign a consent form?
A: Yes! Please email us, and Bali Photographer℠ will send the form back as quickly as possible!​​​​​​​
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