Hello! I'm Hendro Lie, a nomadic soul born in Java and raised in Sumatra, and now I call Bali home! I have a passion for timeless beauty and poetic storytelling, wandering the globe, capturing moments that transcend time and space. As a freelance photographer, my work spans continents, blending creativity with classic aesthetics to craft captivating imagery. From Bali's rice terraces to Parisian cafes, my lens weaves narratives that evoke emotion and inspire wonder. Join me on a journey through the ages, where each frame tells a story waiting to be discovered.

Available for: Engagement, Wedding, Proposals, Celebration, Maternity, Group, and Family

$200 USD for 1 hour, 15 edited photos
$350 USD for 2 hours, 25 edited photos 
$500 USD for 3 hours, 50 edited photos

Hour  $150 USD, 10 extra photos
Photo  $15 USD/per photo
Fashion Stylist  $200 USD/ per look
MUA & Hairdo  $250 USD

Additional: There may be transportation fees depending on location.
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