Let me introduce myself, I am Teja Kesuma Yudha, an explorer in the world of photography inspired by the magic of the island of Bali. I believe that every photo has story, and that's what I try to express through my works. Since 2009, I have explored the world of traditional weddings in Bali. I'm not just a photographer, but also a visual storyteller who seeks to capture moments and the authenticity of Indonesian culture. The concept that I am promoting, "Authentic Balinese", not just about photographing the bridal couple, but also about stringing stories together as a basis for photographic works of art and not is only visually beautiful, but can also convey a deep story. I believe that every moment has tremendous story value, and assignment mine is to immortalize it in a meaningful way. Thank you for getting to know me a little deeper. Let's explore together the magic of photography and creating unforgettable stories together. 

Wedding Rates:
$458 USD — 4 hours, 2 Photographers, and 200 edited photos.
$658 USD
 6 hours, 2 Photographers, and 350 edited photos.
$968 USD — 8 hours, 2 Photographers, and 400 edited photos.

Pre-Wedding Rates:
$558 USD — 4 hours, 20 photos edited.
$688 USD — Over 6 hours, and 35 edited photos.

Authentic Balinese Pre-Wedding Storytelling Photography Rates:
$2,598 USD — Photography & Cinematography, Conceptual Story / Narrative / Moodboard
1-2 Days shooting (6 hours/day)
unlimited editing
1 minute teaser clip
1 cinematic film & Backsound Composer
High res images via Google drive
Photo Story Slideshow
1 Exclusive album 30x20
1 Canvas Print 60x90 + frame
Please note:
excluding location rental costs
Accommodation for the team & Transport Included
Does not include MUA & costumes (by request)
Does not include property costs & extras
Additional fees: There may be transportation costs depending on location.​​
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